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Hearthstone Shines Spotlight on Nurses

May 15, 2020
Cincinnati, Ohio - Meet Jasmine Coleman, an RN who has been working with us for nine months. Jasmine knew she would become a nurse since she was eight years old, taking care of her sick mother. She is very close to her family, which includes a twin brother and 6 other siblings. Jasmine can't wait to spend more time with them all after COVID-19. Jasmine's co-workers describe her as passionate and fun! We are very lucky to have her on our team.

Meet Jennifer Ailes, who has been a rock star at Hearthstone for over 12 years! Jennifer knew she wanted to be a nurse after going to work with her mom, who was a nurse in an ER. Jennifer's co-workers call her a perfectionist, OCD, and a dedicated caring nurse who loves her residents! Jennifer is married to her 6th-grade crush and loves spending time with her three kids, four step-kids, three grandbabies, and three-step grandbabies. Jennifer is looking forward to when the residents get to see their families!

Meet Angela Sims, who became a nurse three years ago and immediately started at Hearthstone. She wanted to make a difference and help to heal people. She is one of our ADON's serving our Woodcreek dementia unit. Angela has four beautiful children, ages 12 years old, two months old. Angela's co-workers call her caring, outgoing, bossy, spiritual, peaceful, and focused. We are so lucky to have her on our Admin team.

Meet Erica Holtman, who started working here as a brand new nurse 17 years ago! She spent most of that time as a Charge Nurse and has recently joined our Administrative team as an Assistant Director of Nursing. Erica is extremely loyal, organized, dependable, and a decisive leader. Erica's grandmother had Alzheimer's disease when Erica was a teenager. Watching her grandmother go through this disease process was when Erica decided to be a nurse and care for people in need. Erica has two children named Bri and Logan. Bri works alongside her mom here as an amazing STNA. Waylon is Erica's beloved 1-year-old Great Dane who visits the residents frequently and attends our morning meetings.

Meet Kim Lewis, a seasoned 25+ nurse who has worked at Hearthstone for two years. Kim says she is a born caretaker who took care of her brother when she was growing up. Kim's co-workers describe her as hard-working, a team player who means business, and is stern. She will go the extra mile and do anything for her residents. Kim is an empty nester who loves taking care of her grandkids when she is not working. She can't wait to go on vacation after COVID-19 is over.

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